By: Kelly Chong

Why Should You List Your Home This Winter

Tags: Why Should You List Your Home This Winter



As I write this it feels like it’s -50 degrees Celsius outside. I know, it’s abit of a stretch, but it might as well be with the wind-chill. School buses are cancelled, condo pipes are bursting due to the extreme cold, my dogs don’t want to go outside to do their business (and neither do I.)

While I try to stay warm and cozy, I thought it would be the perfect time to start writing my first blog article! I was thinking about a topic that I get asked all the time. “Are the winter months a good time to sell?” Here are some reasons why the answer is yes.

1)Believe it or not, big life decisions are made during the holidays. After all the hustle and bustle of the festivities are behind us, January is ushered in with the prospect of new beginnings. It’s no surprise that a brand-new start and a brand-new place to call home would be at the top of the list in the New Year.

2) The spring market starts earlier than you think. People often wait until the warm weather settles in, when the birds are chirping, and the tulips are blooming, to sell their home. The truth is that the spring market starts as early as February. If you are thinking of being ready to sell your home come spring, it would be wise to speak to your agent ASAP so you can get the ball rolling.

3) Selling in the winter will ensure you beat out the competition once the market begins to get flooded with new properties in the months of April and May. With less competition in January and February your
house and marketing are more apt to stand out and there’s more opportunity for your home to sell quicker and on your terms.

4) Let’s face it, anyone who is willing to trudge through the snow and cold to look at houses has one thing on their mind…buying a home!!!! You will have more qualified buyers looking at your house and it’s more likely that you will get the price you want.

If you are thinking about selling or want to find out what your home is worth, get in touch with me at 416-727-5359 or It’s never too early to get informed and start planning for the sale of your home.